Remittance Instructions


The operational surcharge is $0.42 per device and is assessed on all wireline, wireless and VoIP devices in Wayne County. For commercial customers that have multiple access points and multiple access lines, after the first ten access points/lines, there is a reduction of one surcharge for every ten access point/lines.

The technical surcharge is $0.21 per device.

Remittances to Wayne County are for the operational surcharges only,

Remittances may include a 2% non-billable fee subtracted from the total due.

Remittances are to be made in quarterly payments.

July, August, September  due in October

October, November, December due in January

January, February, March due in April                                                                     

April, May, June due in July

Remittances are payable to “Wayne County Treasurer”

Ann Hurych, Supervisor of Accounting

Wayne County Treasurer’s Office

400 Monroe, Suite 540

Detroit, MI  48226

(313) 224-5814

Wayne County is the only county in the state of Michigan that has four emergency service districts and remittances must be totaled by district.

Remittances must include a statement that includes the following information: (See 911 Sample Statement)

The district and communities for which you are remitting  (see Districts by Community)

The number of devices per community.

The operational surcharge remitted ($0.42 per device).

The total remittance due.

The 2% non-billable fee if subtracted.

The total of check enclosed payable to “Wayne County Treasurer”