Dan Gilmartin and Westland Mayor William Wild Talk Lame Duck, Governor Whitmer on ‘The W’

We here at SaveMICity.org highly recommend that you check out a new interview with the Michigan Municipal League’s Dan Gilmartin and Westland Mayor William Wild. The 15-minute talk on “In the W with Mayor Wild” covers an array of city-related topics, including term limits, the craziness of Lame Duck late last year, fixing the roads, how Governor Gretchen Whitmer seems to understand the needs of communities and so much more.

League CEO Dan Gilmartin (right) talks with Westland Mayor William Wild the cable show “In the W with Mayor Wild”.

It’s really a great interview on Westland’s “W” cable TV show hosted by Mayor Wild, who is also a League board member, and featuring Gilmartin, League CEO and Executive Director. It’s available on YouTube here and Dan’s segment in the show starts just before the 26-minute mark and runs about 15 minutes. Definitely worth your time. The full 39-minute show is also compelling as it focuses on the recent Lame Duck session and what it means for communities like Westland.

Here’s the description of the show from the city: We have a new Governor, new elected leaders in Congress and on the state level. You may be wondering: What died and what was in play during Michigan’s Lame Duck session and what do all the changes in Lansing mean to you? That’s exactly what Mayor Wild talked about with his guests. Bob Kowsowski is a former State Representative. Jordyn Sellek is the Executive Director of the Conference of Western Wayne and Dan Gilmartin is the CEO and Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal League.

Please check it out here.